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GOOD WORK  is most reliable job recruitment company in Uzbekistan as Certified and Approved Job Recruitment company, We have Training-center “Silkroad Global (language Institute)”

We have successfully created a global network in many countries and  industries. And have great reputations of trust in the market as reliable Global manpower supplier.


Updated Database

A quality recruitment database is blood of  human resources agency. It is an essential tool for storing and managing candidate information, matching applicants with jobs, and streamlining the recruiting process to save you time and money.

A well-maintained database enables recruiters to better communicate with candidates, spend less time on tasks that don’t add value, and more time on relationships.

The database will be updated daily by job seekers of different professions and qualifications.

Choosing staff for your business, we try as much as possible to find employees at the request of the employer. At the moment, in the electronic database 50,000 job seekers and plan to have capacities  more than 100,000 members

In working with a foreign employer, the main priorities for our company are:

      100% official employment.

      Mutually beneficial and long-term relationships.

      Honest and trusting relationships with partners.

      Professional recruitment at the request of the employer.

      GOOD WORK – a good job for the employer and employee!

Think of us as your partner in staffing. Together we can move your business forward. Ready to get started? Contact us today

       +99890 948 6115