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Consultation in GOOD WORK is primarily an introduction. We talk about our company, and you talk about your desires. Consultation is free.

Once visiting our office and filling in a job application form, you become a member of our customer database, and we will continuously search for the work You need!


Having learned about your education, qualifications and work experience, the GOOD WORK managers will select the most profitable job for you.

If there appears relevant vacancy available, we will notify you.

The GOOD WORK managers will search until they find the best job for you!


Getting a work visa is the main requirement for legal employment in the country of the employer.

Visa support is a complex process that is best provided by professionals.

As soon as possible GOOD WORK will prepare all the documents for obtaining a work visa and departure to the country of the employer for You.


Successful employment is impossible without knowledge of the language of the employer’s country. We will prepare you for the necessary language tests for obtaining a work visa to countries such as South Korea, Japan, etc.

GOOD WORK adaptation training will help you quickly adapt and make a successful career in a new country.


Employment from GOOD WORK is a provision of signing official contract between employee and employer.

In addition, we also help our clients with household issues such as accommodation, food, transportation, etc.


Employment in a new country is not the end of our relationship; by signing an agency agreement with us, you can become an official agent of our company.

Your recommendation about GOOD WORK to your family or friends is the best gratefulness for us and additional income for you!

The search for potential partners in a new country is also an excellent prospect for Your success in a new country!